Meet Dr. Altschul


My decision to become an orthodontist began while I was in the graduate mechanical engineering program at Purdue University. Wait a second … from engineering to orthodontics? How does that work?

As I progressed through my engineering training, I could see that it was not taking me toward my career goals. Although I enjoyed the problem-solving aspects, I wanted something more hands-on and to serve people directly. I wanted a profession that would help others feel better about themselves and improve their health.

Having grown up working in and being around my father’s orthodontic practice, and having braces myself (more than once!) it started to dawn on me that maybe, just maybe, following in my dad's footsteps wasn't such a bad thing! Once I decided on making my career change, it was easy to see how providing orthodontic care would help me meet my life goals of problem solving and serving others. 

I believe that being an orthodontist is the greatest career in the world. Every day I get to create a little bit of joy. I do this by completing a brand new smile, encouraging others to reach their potential, or helping someone in need.

Finding Personal Solutions for Each Patient

I am a believer in patient-centered care. Orthodontic treatment means something different to each person, just like each person’s orthodontic concerns and treatment needs will be different. I make it a point to get to know my patients as individual people and provide the optimal amount of care for them. I don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” treatment plans. I strive to find the perfect solution for each person.

Our Positive Outlook

Our team keeps a positive outlook with everything that we do, because even though creating a fantastic smile takes time, we always know we will get there! There is nothing more satisfying than being a part of a patient’s reaction when he or she first sees that incredible new smile and perfect bite.

A Bit More About Me

I grew up in northwest Indiana near Chicago. I met my wife Kathy at the Purdue Ballroom Dance Club while I was doing my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering.  I asked her to dance, she said yes, and now we have five wonderful daughters (yes, that is a lot of girly-girl stuff!). I cherish my time with them and enjoy watching them grow. Kathy and I have continued to dance, although now you will most often find us teaching and performing swing dancing. I also love to travel and try new and interesting foods. 

Giving Back

I believe it is important to support the community. We support Brownsburg and Crawfordsville School Corporations, community sports programs, community theater, animal shelters, and women’s shelters. I am also a member of Rotary Club, a service organization dedicated to making the community and our world a better place.

Education and Affiliations

I graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I continued on to graduate with honors in 2002 from Indiana University School of Dentistry. In 2004, I completed my specialty training in the orthodontic residency of Indiana University and also received a Master of Science in dentistry.

My degree in mechanical engineering complements my orthodontic training and knowledge perfectly. I am not only an orthodontist, but also a mouth engineer! 

I am dedicated to excellence in care, with an emphasis on continuing education. I regularly attend dental seminars on essential and changing areas of orthodontics. My professional memberships include:

  • American Dental Association
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Indiana Dental Association
  • Ben Hur Dental Society
  • Omicron Kappa Upsilon, a national dental honor society
  • IDA component honor dentist for the Ben Hur Component. Component honor dentists are recognized for their exceptional service to their components.

Come Join Us

So now that you know a little about me and our practice, I look forward to getting to know you and your family! I love being an orthodontist and part of our community.  I know that a beautiful smile is important for not only your health, but also gives a boost in self confidence.  It is a team effort and one that I would be honored to share with you.

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