If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"We are blessed with such caring people.  The office and doctor went above and beyond for us through our house fire.  Our daughter lost her retainer in the fire.  To gift that retainer to us meant so much.  Thank you!"  — Mishell, parent

"Everyone in the office was always really nice and friendly, they always answered any questions!! My daughter loved everyone in the office!!"  — Brandy, parent

"I would just like to say thank you for the level of personal care you show your patients. I have several friends that tried to tell me to drive over an hour away because it's cheaper. My response has been well it may be cheaper but I want the best care I can get. I have never waited more than five minutes for an appointment. I love the personal notes and phone calls to check up on B*. To me personal care goes way beyond the $ amount. Keep up the good work because I will be continuing to recommend to you everyone. — H* Family" 

"I found myself constantly looking forward to my next orthodontia appointment because I had found them to be so fun! Dr. Altschul had always managed to make my experience at Altschul Orthodontics a pleasant one." — Carly, patient

"The treatment I received from Altschul's not only helped fix my crooked gapped teeth, but it also helped boost my confidence." —  Gabrielle, patient

"Every time I was in for an appointment I was greeted with kindness and an overall happy, helpful environment. Through my orthodontic treatment I gained the confidence I needed about smiling and showing my teeth." — Jaclyn, patient

"You guys have changed my look completely!" — Collyn, patient

"I can see a huge difference between people who are confident in their smiles and those who are not. I will never be able to show my gratitude to this team for giving me a beautiful smile and building my confidence." — Aria, patient

"Now that I have straight teeth I feel a sense of confidence in knowing that my teeth look much better than they did several years ago. I would like to personally thank Dr. Altschul and his entire staff for improving my smile and giving me self-confidence."  — Clayton, patient

"The correct alignment of my teeth allows me to have good diction and crisp enunciation when singing and speaking in front of an audience. Upon completion of my orthodontic treatment, my smile has gained me many compliments on my stage presence." — Jennifer, patient

"The people at Altschul Orthodontics were always very friendly to me, even when I broke a bracket. The atmosphere there was always lively and fun. I also thought it was pretty cool that Dr. Altschul started out in engineering but wanted to work more with people and switched to orthodontics." — John, patient

"Once I got comfortable going to the orthodontist regularly, I started to really enjoy seeing the people there. They were the ones that were helping me through this exciting process in my life. The day I finally got my braces off I felt like a brand new and improved version of me." — Olivia, patient

"Celebrating the removal of my sons braces with a balloon and a bag of treats was extremely special."  — Carrie, parent

"Just getting started (son had braces put on today) but so far I couldn't be more pleased. Very friendly and understanding staff!"  — Jamie, parent

"This is THE MOST AWESOME Orthodontic office! We love Dr. Altschul and ALL the staff!! We highly recommend this office and were very glad we went out of our way to find them! Try them, you'll like them!!" — Cathy, parent

"I loved how the doctor explained to our child what he was going to do and involved her as much as he could.  Great practice! Thank you!"  — Kayla, parent

"I’m just starting out with braces and so far the staff has been great! Paula was so kind during my first appointment and made me feel at ease. Dr. Altschul has taken the time to really understand what needs to be done in order to achieve positive results. Thanks!” — Sarah, adult patient

"I was so pleased with the warm and friendly staff. They made my son and I feel very relaxed. My son was nervous about getting his braces but they made it such a wonderful experience that he was relaxed by the time they started the procedure. I would like to thank the entire staff for being so wonderful!” — Lisa, parent

"I was excited to get my braces on my birthday. I’m glad I wasn’t scared. My sister said it would be okay and Dr. Altschul is good at what he does and the ladies are nice. She was right! Plus my braces look good!” — Jesse, patient

"How awesome can a dental experience get? Best orthodontist in Indiana! Highly recommended!” — Britanee, patient

"My nine-year-old son has had a great experience with Dr. Altschul and his staff. His teeth are moving according to plan. They get us in and out in a timely fashion. They explain everything in great detail and made my son feel at ease with the experience. He gets excited when he has an orthodontist appointment.” — Anonymous, parent

"We have had many great visits to Dr. Altschul’s office. Every staff member we have worked with has been professional, friendly, and helpful, and my very shy daughter always feels safe and comfortable.  We have been very happy with her treatment.” — Adelyn, parent

"Dr. Altschul and the team have been outstanding to me! I greatly appreciate all the hard work they put in for me and the rest of the patients. They are very friendly and like to stay connected with their patients.” — Jaclyn, patient

"Honestly, I think Altschul Orthodontics is a fantastic place to get braces and appliances. They have a great reputation, the people are very nice, they know what they are doing, and they do it quickly!” — Colin, patient

"I thank you guys for everything that you have done for my teeth.” — Leah, patient

"I have had a very good experience at Altschul Orthodontics. They do a great job, and the staff is great, and will do anything to satisfy their patients. I had an emergency appointment a few weeks ago, and they did everything possible to solve the problem! It’s greatly appreciated! We highly recommend their practice, and you will leave there with a pretty smile!” — Maddie, patient

"If I had to give Altschul Orthodontics a rating from one to ten, I would give them a ten!” — Kristoffer, patient

"When I got to the orthodontist I was pretty nervous because I had never got braces before. But when I got there I felt more comfortable because they were so nice. And I met a friend named Paula. Paula and I have something in common — we both love horses! Dr. Altschul is very nice, too!” — Grace, patient

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